Some words in this story are in ‘italics’.   If you do not know the meaning of that word look for it in the Glossary. 

NOTE: If you read this book on a Kindle or Tablet, the first time you come across one of these words you can touch it to be taken to the Glossary. Touch it again and you will be returned to the page you were on. This will happen only for the first time you come across that word or phrase.

 ‘pull’ or ‘taken’           Caught by a human fishing

 ‘the above’                 Above the lake

 ‘forbidden zone       A deep well where old fish go to die

 ‘fin-ball                      Same as football, but played with sweetcorn

 day-light’                   Day time

 ‘night-light’                Night time

 ‘ball-light’                   The Moon

 ‘barbels’                      Long whiskers some fish have, like carp

 ‘glow-ball’                   Sweetcorn

 ‘flicks                           Measurement of time. One flick = one minute

 ‘scale’                           Measurement of distance. One scale = 30cms

 ‘bad-bait’                    Food on a hook

 ‘fiesta-day’                 A  fishing match

 ‘net-cage’                  Keep-net where humans keep fish

 ‘tunnel-run’               Somewhere to hide from Cormorants

 ‘food-cloud’               Churning of the lake floor by carp

 ‘tail’                              A game like Tag

 ‘mentor                     Someone who helps and teaches someone usually younger than themselves

 ‘en masse’                 Lots of people – a large gathering

   Japanese words and phrases

 Kon'nichiwa.            Hello

 Jā ikou                     Let us go/leave

 Sonkei.                      Respect

 Genkaku.                  Strict

 Wakarimasu.           I understand

 Totemo kanashi.    Very sad

 Tomodachi.              Friend

 Yūki.                           Courage

 Tatakaimashou.      Let us fight

 Tasukete. Watashi o tasuketekudasai.    Help. Please help me


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