I started this children's story back in around 2015 just after my first granddaughter was born, hoping I would finish it before she could start reading. Now, five years on, and with four grandchildren, I thought I had better finish what I had started.

The story-line was not difficult for me as a keen fisherman, but I have never written for children and was not sure what age group I was aiming at.

As the story progressed, however, it settled into what I consider the age where children start to read on their own and are not so much interested in illustrations, or caricatures. Therefore this is recommended for ages 8 - 12 years, or Grade 7.

So, the story-line;

This is a story of life in a large lake and of Morris the Mirror Carp who is now old, and happy to live out the rest of his days grazing on the gravel lake-bed, looking for cheese.

His peace is disturbed when Queen Thea, a Tench, asks him to search the lake and find out what is happening to the fish, as the population is getting smaller, and if a war is about to start with the Pikes who are suspected of taking more food than they are allowed.

The Queen insists her royal bodyguard, a Japanese Koi carp called Kenzo, goes with him. However, the royal princess, Tina, tags along as well and their adventure begins.

Morris confronts the King of the Pike’s, Gaspard, but he is only a puppet king now. His kingdom is being run by his two sons who are suspected of planning a take-over of the lake.

Can Morris persuade Gaspard to join them and find out who is taking the fish?

Join Morris and his friends, and discover who is responsible for the unrest in Lily Lake, and if Morris will ever find the right cheese.

The Wrong Cheese is available in all E-reader formats, and Paperback from any independent book retailer or your usual reading outlet.

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ISBN: 978-0-9935864-2-2

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